We understand ourselves as intermediary between customer’s wishes and manufacturer and seek the best solution for both sides. Thanks to our lean company structure we are fast and flexible in implementing customer’s wishes and respond to individual and special requirements


  • The customer and his needs are always at the centre of our attention.
  • We offer high professional competence and comprehensive advice.
  • We see ourselves as an intermediary between the customer’s wishes and the manufacturer and always find the best solution for both sides.
  • We are fast and flexible in implementing the customer’s wishes (lean organizational structure).


  • Our products are distinguished by the highest quality.
  • We use the latest technologies.
  • We offer a sustainable solution to your problem.
  • We highly estimate the importance of the environment for our quality of life and we want to put this credo into practice, for example by
    – using environmentally-friendly packaging and
    – selecting the best possible materials, but not at all costs.